Often asked: American Express India Global Travel Card?

American Express has ceased issuance of GlobalTravel cards in India market. Please Note: Post cancellation of cards with effect from November 1, 2016, any card members having available balance on the card were issued refund via an Indian Rupee cheque.

Is American Express card available in India?

American Express Travel Credit Cards

1.90 lacs in a cardmembership year and get 15,000 Membership Reward points redeemable for Flipkart3 voucher or Pay with Points option in Amex Travel Online4 worth Rs. 4,500.

Can I use my American Express card internationally?

American Express is accepted in more than 160 countries and territories internationally. That includes all the members of the United Nations, except for those under U.S. sanctions. Amex cards are more widely accepted in some international destinations than others, though.

Does American Express card have foreign transaction fees?

How much are American Express foreign transaction fees? The American Express foreign transaction fee is 2.7% of all international transactions or $0, depending on the Amex card. There are plenty of American Express cards with no foreign transaction fee. Those cards tend to be the best options for travel.

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Is Amex Platinum Card worth it in India?

This is the most important benefit you get with the platinum card. The combination of Gold Elite status & 100k welcome bonus points makes this card highly valuable. Considering you stay 10 nights a year with 5 successfull upgrades, you can get minimum of Rs. 20k value from this.

Who has black card in India?

Among Bollywood biggies, Amitabh Bachchan is a black card holder. What does the black card offer, apart from a Rs 10-crore credit limit? Well, first, you have to shell out Rs 2 lakh as joining fee and Rs 2.5 lakh as annual membership charges.

Which American Express card has no limit?

Why it’s the best card for a low annual fee: The Amex Business Green card is one of the only Amex cards with no preset spending limits to waive its annual fee for the first year, and in subsequent years customers will enjoy that the annual fee is a very reasonable $95 a year.

Do I need to notify American Express when I travel abroad?

Do I need to let American Express know? We use industry-leading fraud detection capabilities that help us recognize when our Card Members are traveling, so you don’t need to notify us before you travel. We recommend: Keeping your contact information updated in case we need to contact you while you’re away.

How do you avoid international fees?

How to avoid foreign transaction fees

  1. Get a fee-free credit card.
  2. Open a bank account with a foreign transaction fee-free institution.
  3. Exchange currency before traveling.
  4. Avoid using foreign ATMs.
  5. Avoid the Dynamic Currency Conversion.
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Can you withdraw cash from Amex Platinum?

Express Cash requires enrollment and allows enrolled Card Members to withdraw cash from a designated bank account at participating ATMs. Cash Advance allows Card Members to withdraw cash charged to their Card account at participating ATMs up to the Limit on cash advances.

Which credit card has no international transaction fee?

Best No Foreign Transaction Fee Credit Cards of March 2021

Credit Card Best For Annual Fee
Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card Cash Back $0
Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card Sign-up Bonus $95
Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card Business $95
Wells Fargo Propel American Express® card No Annual Fee $0

Which credit card has no foreign transaction fee?

Comparing credit cards with no foreign transaction fees

Credit Card Best For Annual Fee
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card Flat-rate Earning $95
Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel $550
Wells Fargo Propel American Express card No Annual Fee $0
Capital One Savor Rewards Credit Card Entertainment Spending $95

Which Chase Card has no foreign transaction fee?

  • Ink Business Preferred® credit card. Links to product page. Ink Business Preferred® credit card card reviews Rated 4.5 out of 5 (58 cardmember reviews)
  • United SM Business Card. Links to product page. United SM Business Card.
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards® Performance Business Credit Card. Links to product page.

How do I get my Amex Platinum fee waived?

To get American Express Platinum’s annual fee waived, call the American Express retention department at 1 (800) 452-3945. State that you’re considering cancelling or switching cards because of the high annual fee.

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What is the limit on Amex Platinum card?

What is the highest limit you can apply for? Our Platinum Credit Cards can have a maximum credit limit of up to $50,000. All other Credit Cards have maximum limits of up to $25,000. However, your limit will depend on your financial circumstances and the Card you choose.

Which is best credit card in India?

Best Premium Credit Cards

  • HDFC Regalia. HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card.
  • Amex Gold Charge. American Express Gold Charge Card (India)
  • SBI Elite. Reward Rate: 2%
  • HDFC Diners ClubMiles. HDFC Diners ClubMiles Credit Card.
  • HDFC Diners Privilege. Reward Rate: 1.3% – 13%
  • Indusind Iconia (Amex) Reward Rate: 1% – 2%
  • Indusind Pinnacle.

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