FAQ: Chak de india full movie?

Does Netflix have Chak De India?

Sorry, Chak De ! India is not available on Indian Netflix .

Is Chak De India hit or flop?

Shahrukh Khan Box Office Collection Records & Analysis ( Hit /Flop 1992-2016)

Movie Name Year Box Office Verdict
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 1998 All Time Blockbuster
Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham 2001 Super Hit
Veer Zaara 2004 Super Hit
Chak De! India 2007 Blockbuster

Was Chak De India a real story?

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India movie was based on the real -life story of Mir Ranjan Negi. Negi a former Indian hockey goalkeeper who faced humiliation after conceding seven goals against Pakistan in the 1982 Asian Games final.

What is the story of Chak De India?

Is fan hit or flop?


Overseas First Weekend Worldwide First Weekend Overseas First Week
$6,100,000 1,13,31,76,000 $7,770,000

Is Raees hit or flop?

Worldwide, Raees has grossed ₹2.73 billion (US$38 million). This made it the highest-grossing Bollywood film of 2017 at the time, the highest-grossing January release for a Hindi film since 1994, and one of the top 20 highest-grossing Indian films of all time.

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What does Chak De mean?

‘ Chak de ‘ means ‘go for it’ or ‘go’ in Hindi.

Where was Chak De India shot?

Chak De India (Melbourne) Shot in Melbourne, at the Webb Bridge, State Netball Hockey Centre, Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre and the Sydney Olympic Park, these scenic locations only added to the movie watching experience.

Who is Kabir Khan hockey?

It was based on a failed Indian hockey player who returned as Indian Women’s coach and helped them do the impossible – win the World Cup. The role of Kabir Khan was played by Shah Rukh Khan and his motivational speech before his team’s final against Australia was widely appreciated.

Which value did you learn from the movie Chak De India?

Teamwork is the key to success: To a certain extent ‘ Chak De ! India ‘ was all about how talented players from different parts of the country find success only when they start functioning as a cohesive unit and develop respect from each other.

Who was the captain in Chak De India movie?

The film stars Shahrukh Khan as Kabir Khan , former captain of the Indian men’s national field-hockey team.

In which Olympic Games Dhyan Chand was the captain of the Indian hockey team?

In the subsequent 1936 Olympic Games , Dhyan Chand headed to Berlin as captain of the Indian hockey team .

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