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India is a country of villages. The soul of India resides in villages and farmers. Therefore, India is also called an agricultural country.

70-80 percent of the population here, directly and indirectly, depends on agriculture. The farmer produces food, fruits, vegetables, etc. for us.

About Indian farmer (500 words)

Farmer also does animal husbandry. But the economic condition of the Indian farmer is not good. Even after more than 50 years of independence, he is poor, uneducated, and powerless.

The Indian farmer has to work hard. Members of his family are also engaged in the farm-barn day and night. With great difficulty, he is able to feed himself and his children.

He still has the same old agricultural tools. He has to depend a lot on the monsoon. If it does not rain well on time, its fields remain dry.

There is a famine in the village, and there is a time of starvation. He works hard with his hands, sheds blood and sweat, yet he is poor and persistent.

His income is so low that he is unable to buy good manure, manure, tools, and animals. He is uneducated, and a victim of many superstitions and evils.

Seth-moneylender is taking full advantage of this and exploiting it. He cannot even send his child to fall. Either the village does not have a school, or it is far away.

In addition, he is forced to take work from the children on the farm. He sends them to the forest to graze cattle. The government has taken some steps to help the Indian farmer.

Arrangements have been made to give him a loan at low interest so that he can buy seeds, fertilizers, etc. But this is not enough. The truth is that help cannot reach him. Middlemen grab him in the middle.

Being uneducated, he is not conscious of his rights. Others easily take away his rights. It is very important to be educated.

For this, there is an absolute need to make primary education compulsory, free, and universal. Schools should be opened near him in every village.

Hard, honest and trained teachers should be employed in schools. Credit should be available to farmers for digging wells, buying beaches, etc.

He sits down for long periods of the year. This time can be done to impart his education and agricultural knowledge.

As long as the Indian farmer is poor and uneducated, he cannot progress the country. He should be made self-supporting and educated by helping him in every way.

There should be such a system that it should never sit idle and the field should not be empty. For this, the proper arrangement of irrigation is very important.

Most of India’s farmers are agricultural laborers or have little land. Sometimes that land is also unproductive. Often there is a lack of means of irrigation.

What he grows, he does not get a fair price. Many times its fruit is not sold and rotten. Our late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri gave us the slogan ‘Jai Kisan, Jai Jawan’.

This underscores the importance of our farmers. But still, his condition is very pathetic. Every effort should be made to improve their condition. The prosperity of the country rests on its progress and development.

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Essay on Indian farmer in 400 words

Most of India’s population lives in villages. The main occupation of the villagers is farming. Therefore, there are more farmers in India’s population. The condition of the farmers is very bad.

The peasants grieve silently. It is indeed unfortunate that those who feed the whole nation die of hunger themselves.
Earlier farmers used to cultivate the fields of rich landowners. Zamindars used to charge more goods than farmers. They did not spend money on the promotion of land.

Farmers had to depend on rainfall for yield. There was no provision of irrigation. Floods and droughts were frequent. This made them very sad.

Apart from this, the farmers were idle six months a year. But, there was no business for a waste of time. As a result of all this, the condition of the Indian farmers was more tragic.

Indian farmers have been poor for ages. Therefore they have become fatalistic. Now they themselves think about how to improve their destiny.

There is a specialty of Indian farmers, which must be mentioned. They are very straight. He is honest, hospitable, and generous.

The life of a farmer is very difficult; he works long hours in his fields, he works regardless of the harsh weather. Whether it is winter or summer or raining or not, the focus of the farmer is always on the crop.

The farmers are very poor and poor and they spend their lives only on the strength of their hard work. Although agricultural renewal techniques have greatly helped the farmer, the benefit of this achievement does not emerge as a small and poor farmer, as he does not even buy enough equipment to develop his fields.

Today’s Indian farmer is far more backward than the farmers of other countries. Due to the lack of information related to farming to the farmer, the farmer of India is mostly illiterate, he does not get the information about tools related to farming and he has limited means of irrigation too. He has to depend mostly on farming for agricultural irrigation.

The farmer is thought of only when it is dry when we are short of food, then the food needs all of us, no one can survive without it, therefore the farmer is our life who grows food for us, that’s why all our It is our duty to honor the farmer and give importance to his work.

Problems of Indian farmers

This is a very sensitive subject that should be handled very carefully but are we handling it properly? This is a million-dollar question. Since the problem is complex, the solution is also not straightforward, but if we really want to save our country from going into turmoil then we have to solve this problem.

We were not careful about the warning signs that have been coming for quite some time. Now, when the problem has taken demonic proportions, we are looking for a quick solution. I strongly feel that there is no quick fix.

As the problem has taken time to grow, it will also take time to deal with it in the same way. So, it is high time we should start doing something concrete instead of indulging in chest-beating.

The severity of the problem

The seriousness of the problem can be gauged from the fact that about 3 lakh farmers (government estimates, other sources say it is 10 times more) have committed suicide since 1995.

The main reason for these suicides is the inability to repay the loans taken by the farmers. By him for various reasons. The suspected distinction of topping this list goes to Maharashtra.

According to another estimate (government data), about 50 percent of the farmers are in debt. Most are poor and many are forced to live below the poverty line.

About 95% of the farmers are forced to sell products below the official MSP (Minimum Support Price) and their average annual income is below twenty-one thousand rupees.

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